Meet our Herbalist!


Ifákẹ́mi is an Herbalist and Master Clinical Herbalist student with a background in western herbalism, product formulation, product creation and Ancient Afrikan Spirituality. Ifákẹ́mi birthed Sun Earth Mhoon Herbal Apothecary out of her dream to empower people to advocate for their own health and well being through mother natures healing medicinal plants. Sun Earth Mhoon offers small batch herbal supplements and products formulated using high quality 100% all organic herbs, roots, bark and fruits as well as product and product usage knowledge. It is Ifákẹ́mi's goal to incorporate energy healing, teaching, spirituality and spiritual herbalism into her current practices.  
   "It is my prayer that spirit, whomever you believe or resonate with, be the key to holistic healing, balance and good health in your life. That you are reminded of mother natures ability to assist you on this journey and your natural power to advocate for your own wellness. May you pass down these knowledges through your lineages and communities."
Àṣẹ 🌬💨🍃
- Herbalist Ifákẹ́mi